Retro-reflectivity Surveys
For assessing the networks roads for retroreflectivity and wear to ensure
that all markings are maintained to a consistent and satisfactory level

What is it?

Road markings are a critical element of our pavement network. Because they are located directly within the driver’s cone of vision they are positioned to provide continuous information that helps the driver to correctly position the vehicle on the carriageway.


The way road markings are inspected has changed. All longitudinal road markings have to be inspected annually using a High Speed Monitor (HSM) and junction markings must be assessed by hand held devices to asses their retroreflectivity and wear.

The purpose of these surveys is twofold, one to determine when the delivery of safety is compromised and two, to evaluate the overall condition of a network so that a forward programme of replacement can be established. This will ensure that all markings are maintained to a consistent and satisfactory level and value for money is achieved.

PTS can also carry out an inventory check to ensure that all markings and studs conform to the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD).

All our surveys are carried out to TD 26 and conform to the current British/European Standard BS EN 1436.

The Service

PTS use a Zehntner system, which has undergone and completed correlation trials with TRL for use on the UK trunk road network.

Using Zehntner PTS can offer the following package:

  • Data collection at speeds up to 60mph
  • GPS data is automatically collected to allow the results to be plotted on a map background
  • A forward renewal programme of between 1 to 10 years

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