(Surface Condition Assessment for the National Network of Roads)

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What is it?

SCANNER, which stands for Surface Condition Assessment for the National Network of Roads, is a carriageway assessment method that utilises state of the art technology to provide comprehensive and completely objective surface and structural condition data. SCANNER systems incorporate laser scanning, accelerometer, advanced optic, GPS, and high-resolution image capture technologies.

Our SCANNER vehicle utilises the industry-leading LCMS-2 system, which allows for automatic detection of a range of condition parameters to be achieved through a combination of 3D laser scanning technology supplemented with image based “AI” which brings together the best technology available on the market.

The system also overcomes the limitations of more traditional SCANNER systems currently in operation around the UK, ensuring our data is the most accurate and repeatable on the market. Our crack detection technology is now even more advanced than the human eye guaranteeing data consistency year on year.

SCANNER Benefits and Versatility

  • Highly efficient and cost-effective network-level assessment method
  • Traffic speed survey with no traffic management required
  • Safe survey procedure with minimal disruption to road users
  • Industry-accredited and auditable data trail, allowing for client scrutiny
  • Condition data provided to support maintenance scheme selection and treatment identification
  • Utilises machine-based accredited systems to provide objective condition assessments 
  • Combines 3D laser scanning technology with image-based “AI” defect detection

Why do it?

Through comprehensive and consistent SCANNER condition data supported by quality video capture and automated “AI” detection technology, our SCANNER service is designed to provide our Clients with the tools to support asset management planning across critical infrastructure. SCANNER data applications include maintenance scheme identification and prioritisation, multi-year asset condition reporting, deterioration modelling, asset valuation and investment scenario analysis, network-level performance monitoring, Carriageway Condition Indices, and national reporting.

Why PTS?

Our SCANNER vehicle brings together the latest in GPS, image-capture, and laser scanning technology allowing for automatic detection of a range of condition parameters as outlined in the SCANNER specification, ensuring the survey methodology and data is objective.

With the latest available technology, the PTS LCMS-2 system goes beyond this however and alongside standard SCANNER data, we can provide a new set of parameters that can be derived from the 3D datasets. New parameters include: rut shape, crack width and depth, standing water depth, pothole volume, longitudinal construction joint condition, ravelling development indicator, stone loss and localised deformation. These added value machine capabilities ensure PTS are bringing the best technology to the condition survey market in a highly efficient and cost-effective service package.

Complimentary Services

PTS offer a variety of complimentary UKPMS services including SCRIM, CVI, DVI and FNS in addition to SCANNER. We also provide asset inventory surveys, the new Annual Engineers Inspection, and cater to bespoke survey requirement. Looking for post-survey analysis and reporting support, our consultancy team are also able to provide a variety of statutory and tailored consultancy solutions.

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