UKPMS - Visual Condition Surveys
(CVI, DVI and FNS)
ReGen is a suite of three programs for survey management,
data collection and data optimisation solutions.

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What is it?

PTS offer three types of visual surveys CVI, DVI and FNS. They have multiple uses in pavement assessment management including monitoring network condition and performance, identifying and prioritising schemes and programmes. Also determining budgets and financial allocations. Coarse Visual Inspection (CVI) are surveys conducted from the vehicle and enable the recording of defects. Detail Visual Inspection (DVI) are surveys which allow for more detail on roads and pavements. Footway Network Survey (FNS) is intended to be used as a simple, quick survey of the footway network.

Data Analysis and Reporting

PTS use a unique system for data analysis and reporting. ReGen is a suite of three programs for survey management, data collection and data optimisation solutions.

The system affords 24-hour access for the clients, allowing data validation and delivery in a timelier manner and with greater data integrity over traditional systems. As a cloud-based solution there is no software to install and no licences to restrict access.

Why do it?

Information from visual surveys can be used for performance monitoring, benchmarking and producing internal performance indicators. They will be used in decisions about how, when and where to carry out maintenance schemes within a local authority and support internal audit decisions. Visual surveys are also key to determining required level of budget and investment either currently or levels of future funding.

Why PTS?

PTS are unique within the industry in being able to monitor the progress of each survey activity against the agreed programme in near real time using ReGen, as the system is updated every time a surveyor synchronises data to it. This allows the client to view data within 24 hours to see not only how the survey is progressing but also the quality of the data collected. Any risks to survey delivery can be accurately identified and quantified to enable open, honest dialogue and timely resolution. No other contractor can offer this level of transparency or involvement.

Complimentary Services

PTS current customers include Highways England, Highway Authorities, Contractors, DBFO Companies and Airport operators. We utilise innovative, fully compliant survey methods to deliver the following surveys: Coring, Coring for Tar Testing, 3D-GPR, SCRIM, SCANNER, Deflectograph, FWD, Grip Tester, Safety Barrier inspections, Retro-Reflectivity of Road marking and Traffic Signs, Construction Materials Testing and Certification.

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